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My dog ate the rat bait, what should I do?
Rodenticides work by restricting the production of vitamin K1 to thin the blood, so you need to take your dog to the vet with the packaging as this informs the vet how much of which active ingredient has been consumed. The vet will then either induce vomiting – if it has been less than 6 hours – or administer a dose of Vitamin K1. If you don’t have the packaging, you can find the technical information for our products to download and print here.

Buying our products

What is the difference between your amateur and professional products?
Some areas of the world only allow lower concentrates of the active ingredients used in pest control to be used by domestic or amateur users, or do not allow them to carry out certain types of pest control at all. Around the globe professional pest controllers are licensed and trained to use the products; they have access to larger quantities and, in some cases, stronger concentrates. In the UK, Europe and USA you need to be registered before you can purchase professional rodenticide products.

Where can I buy your domestic products?
As a manufacturer we do not sell directly to the domestic user, but through a network of distributors and retailers. Around the world our domestic use products are stocked by numerous pest control stores, home maintenance DIY stores, supermarkets, garden centres and country stores and can be found with online retailers.

Where can I buy your non-domestic products?
As a manufacturer we do not sell directly to the end user, but through a network of distributors. Our amateur and professional use products can be bought through pest control, agricultural, environmental health, hygiene, food safety, equestrian and horticulture distributors and retailers. We also sell to governments, military and NGO’s.

The product packaging is faulty or damaged, can I have a replacement?
It is important to us that our products reach you in full working order. However your sale contract is with the company you bought the product from, so please go back to them directly to resolve any packaging or delivery issues.

How do I place a bulk or resale order?
Our minimum mainland UK order value is £500, offshore UK and Europe is €1000 and for global export it is more, depending on location and products. If you would like to place an order, please contact your nearest Sales Rep.  Please note that telephone orders are not accepted. If you wish to place an order smaller than our minimum order values our Sales Support team will be happy to direct you to your nearest stockist.    

Who is my Sales Rep?
Please see our corporate Contact Us pages for global information. For more detailed contact information for each of our sales representatives around the world please visit the relevant regional website.

Where is my order?
For any queries regarding an order you have placed please contact our Sales Support team on sales@pelgar.com

What are the order turnaround times / Why don’t you hold stock?
We hold bulk stock but we make all finished products to order. For standard orders please allow up to 5 days from receipt to dispatch for UK orders, 21 days for European orders and 6 weeks for global shipping. Non-standard and larger orders may understandably take a little longer and will discus this with you when you place your order.

Can I badge your products?
We manufacture many products under ‘own label’ brands. Please speak to your nearest Sales Rep to find out more.  

Using our products

Where are the usage instructions for your product?
In the first instance please check the product label for usage instructions – please note that some labels are a ‘peel back’ style with information to the reverse. Some products may have additional information on the outer packaging or a leaflet inside. If you are unable to find the information you require please read the Technical Data Sheet for the product in the resources section of our regional websites.

Will your product work if it is out of date?
The active ingredients and formulations of our products will start to break down after a period and so they do have an expiry date. Our rodenticide products that use a grain, oat or pasta base will naturally have a shorter shelf life. You are welcome to try products that are out of date but we are unable to predict their effectiveness.

Can I use insecticide sprays and fumers around my pets?
It is highly recommended that all pets are removed from the area being treated and these products should never be directly applied to animals, unless specifically directed to do so on the label.  Some animals including fish and cats are very susceptible to the chemicals used in most insecticide sprays and fumers, and so extra care should be taken when using these products around them.

Will insecticide sprays and fumers damage soft furnishings?
Insecticide sprays and fumers come in a range of sizes and formulations.  Because of the diverse range of products available it is impossible to guarantee the effects these products may or may not have on soft furnishings and furniture.  We therefore recommend you undertake a spot test of the insecticide spray in a discrete location prior to applying it fully.

How big an area will your insecticide sprays and aerosols cover?
Given the range of spray and aerosols available please read the individual product label to find out how big an area each will cover.

Do I have to put mouse/rat bait in a bait box?
Whether or not you need to use a bait box will be specified on the product label. We always recommend that bait is secured and protected from non-target animals and birds and to ensure that children cannot access the bait. In certain countries the use of a bait box is mandatory.

I’ve tried everything and still have an infestation, what should I do?
Controlling pests is always a combination of what you use, how you administer it and time. For example, if you treat the fleas living in a carpet but not the animal they are feeding on – or vice versa –  they will simply re-infest. If you treat both at the same time but only once, new fleas will hatch. Similarly you need to know where to place rat bait effectively, allow time for the rats to take the bait and simultaneously ensure you have removed or secured their normal sources of food. Please note that an ineffective treatment does not mean the pest is resistant.

Please read the product labels carefully for usage instructions. If you have tried everything then it is time to call in a professional pest controller or talk to one of our Technical Team.

Why aren’t your products stronger?
All of our products are at the maximum strengths they need to be effective, whilst minimising the risk to non-target species and the environment. Globally all chemical manufacturers are highly controlled to balance the desired outcome of controlling a target pest species whilst minimising any risk to the user, non-target species, the environment and the human food chain. You can find out more about the progressive Stewardship programmes PelGar belongs to here.

Do you have any demonstration and training videos?
Our printed guides can be found here. We are in the process of adding to our training videos for you, and they can be found on our YouTube channel here. If you are unable to find the information you need please email sales@pelgar.com with details about the issue and a contact number and one of our Technical Team will give you a call.

Where can I find technical information?
All of our product Material Safety Data Sheets, Technical Data Sheets and labels can be found here.

I have a question that isn’t answered here…

Please contact our Sales Support team on +44 (0)1420 80744 or sales@pelgar.com and they will be able to answer your query or ask one of our Technical Team to give you advice.