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Research and Development

To control the toughest pest problems, PelGar believes it is important to first understand pest biology and behaviour, and then to create products and solutions that best exploit these natural behaviours. For the development of rodenticides; PelGar has a research and training centre where live pens of ‘wild’ black and brown rats, and house mice are used for behavioural and palatability studies. Once behaviours and preferences have been observed PelGar then takes its baits out to live field trials, where all of its rodenticide formulations are extensively tested in a variety of real life scenarios. In PelGar’s research and formulation laboratories over 30 species of insect pests are cultured and studied. These facilities also allow PelGar to test its range of insecticide formulations against a variety of insect pests, creating the ideal solutions for different pest species. PelGar’s Church Farm Training Centre is one of Europe’s leading hands on training facilities, giving pest controllers and environmental health officers hands-on experience. To find out more about Church Farm and the training PelGar offers across the globe please visit our training page.

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