Cimetrol Super’s unique blend of active ingredients, including the insect growth regulator pyriproxyfen, delivers rapid and long lasting control of fleas, moths, flies, mosquitos, ticks, mites, ants, beetles, cockroaches and other crawling insects… and bedbugs.

Formulated as an oil-in-water emulsion, our award winning Cimetrol Super allows rapid access of the active ingredient to the target pest while providing long lasting residual control.

This advanced formulation has the multi-action properties of both of its predecessors, Cimetrol and Stingray. Cimetrol Super contains a Type I pyrethroid for fast flushing and knockdown, a Type II pyrethroid for rapid kill of the insects, a metabolic synergist to bypass insect metabolic resistances, and an Insect Growth Regulator (IGR), demonstrating a completely different mode of action, to ensure that any stubborn populations never get to pass their resistant properties onto the next generation.

For use inside all domestic, commercial and industrial premises including kitchens, hotels, dormitories and sleeping areas, hospitals (excluding occupied wards), military establishments and food storage and processing areas.

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