The PelGar Alert Station has been designed by professional pest controllers to offer the perfect environment for rodents to be trapped and baited with an easy mechanism for checking the results of placed snap traps.

The PelGar Alert Station has been designed in to provide a superior catch rate over other trap systems on the market.

  • Secure dual lockable, tamper resistant lid
  • Accommodates two rat snap traps
  • Rods allow for use of block and soft baits
  • Flags alert you if the trap inside has been set off
  • Traps easily secured in place on front edge with insert clip
  • Designed to offer rodents a straight run-through / line of sight
  • Uni-Key Compatible – one key opens the entire PelGar box range
  • Dimensions: (h) 110mm x (w) 466mm x (d) 115mm

Download the technical datasheet.