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Plant Protection

PelGar produces products for the protection of plants and crops based on the natural insecticide pyrethrum which is purified from chrysanthemum flowers. These have been available in Europe for over 150 years and in their powdered form were used as louse and flea powders. It is only in the last 50 years that liquid concentrates, for public health pest control, have appeared, and only in the last 10 years that they have been available for use in horticulture.

The mode of action is non-systemic and contact action caused by the binding of pyrethrins to sodium channels which inhibit the insect’s nervous system. This mode of action leads to a broad-spectrum of insecticidal activity. Pyrethrum is non-persistent in the environment which allows just a 24-hour withdrawal period prior to harvest and re-treatment of crops at seven-day intervals.

PelGar’s pyrethrum products are available to register across the globe. To find out what products are currently available in your region, select the area in the map below to visit your regional PelGar site:


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