Contains: alpha-cypermethrin 9.8% w/w.
Control: Flies, midges, red-mite, general crawling insects.
Application: Compression sprayer.

Alphaban 10 SC is a high strength suspension concentrate that offers a single active material, the powerful killing agent alpha-cypermethrin.

Ideal where no pyrethroid resistance is suspected, this product has a broad spectrum of activity and performs well on a wide variety of surfaces. It offers good residuality and is a highly cost effective product.

Suspension Concentrates – In this formulation type an insecticide active ingredient is either milled to produce particles of a pre-determined size, or, if liquid, absorbed onto a filler which is then suspended in an aqueous matrix. This type of formulation has many of the benefits of a wettable powder, without some of the disadvantages.

Suspension concentrates are less ‘dusty’, easier to dose, and easier to disperse in water than wettable powders. Like wettable powders, when suspension concentrates are sprayed onto a sorbative surface, the insecticidal particles remain on the surface of the substrate where they are readily available to the target pest.

Pack Sizes: 1ltr and 5ltr.

Download the datasheet.

Download the technical datasheet.