Contains: 0.2% w/w pyrethrins
Control: Flying and crawling insects
Application: Ready-to-use total release aerosol

Protector Natural Aerosol, based on natural pyrethrins, is a highly effective broad spectrum total release aerosol for use as a space spray.

A ‘one-shot’ total release product, it offers a useful alternative to insecticidal smoke generators, and allows for treatment of areas without the requirement of an operator present during the whole process.

Pyrethrins are natural substance purified from chrysanthemum flowers. Chrysanthemum flowers have been available in Europe for over 150 years and in their powdered form were used as louse and flea powders. It is only in the last 50 years that liquid concentrates for public health pest control have appeared, and only in the last 10 years that they have been available in aerosol for with the launch of Protector Natural Aerosol.

Pyrethrins cause rapid knockdown of insects followed shortly by death. The mode of action is non-systemic and contact action caused by the binding of pyrethrins to sodium channels inhibits the insect’s nervous system. This mode of action leads to a broad-spectrum of insecticidal activity, and due to the non-persistence of the active ingredient in the environment, insect resistance is very rare.

Pack Size: 150ml and 530ml