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About PelGar…


PelGar is operated from its UK headquarters in Hampshire and through local offices in mainland Europe, Africa, Australia and North America. Its analytical and formulation laboratory ensures the highest product quality from its two UK manufacturing sites, while its research centre provides the technical team with valuable insights into product development.

PelGar International was incorporated in 1995 to develop and supply innovative and novel rodenticide and insecticide products to the global public health pesticide market. PelGar believes that, while the active ingredients used in the industry are common, the target pests and the environment in which they live are very different. Providing cost effective control therefore means that the active substance needs to be available in a wide range of formulations and this is where PelGar’s expertise lies.

The takeover of Agropharm Ltd. in 2015, an expert in natural pyrethrum and the production of smoke generators, has seen PelGar’s business expand into new areas including crop protection, insect repellents and decontamination kits for the defence services.

Driven by R&D

The company has a very strong R&D base, which draws on both internal and external resources. Its innovative formulation technology, coupled with advanced packaging techniques aim to maximise product efficacy against the target pest, whilst minimising any potential risk to the user, non-target species, and the environment.

PelGar’s experienced staff have a broad range of knowledge in the public health market including a deep practical knowledge of:

  • Pest biology and behaviour
  • Chemical and physical control methods
  • Pesticide application techniques
  • The properties of pesticides
  • Formulation technology

Regulatory expertise

With a leading regulatory team PelGar has defended all three of its rodenticide actives, difenacoum, bromadiolone and brodifacoum, through the European Biocidal Products Review (BPR). This allows PelGar to support customers with full regulatory support for both the rodenticide actives and specific formulations. PelGar has also developed a range of highly effective insecticide formulations which are currently going through or being prepared for BPR, ensuring some of the best products are available both now and in the future.