The PelGar Mouse Station is environmentally friendly being made from recycled plastics and is fully recyclable in normal household waste.

Manufactured with security in mind it features a wall bracket which the bait station clips onto. There are also two holes in the lid through which a cable tie can be threaded to affix the station to pipes or other wall fixings. It also features a bar on which block and paste bait can be easily secured.

The PelGar Mouse Station has been designed with mouse behaviour in mind. It has a textured  ‘non-slip’ floor which gives it a more natural feel. There are full width openings for easy access and a small lip and drainage holes to prevent build-yup of water is the station is used in damp locations

The PelGar Mouse Station is supplied with a glass reinforced key for extra strength and durability.

When it comes to bait placement the PelGar Mouse Station is very versatile. The two bait reservoirs have been sized to hold either 20g or 28g blocks or alternatively loose bait such as grain or pellets.

A copy of the PelGar Mouse Station promotional leaflet can be accessed here.

Open PelGar Mouse Station showing bait placement