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PelGar Training

Training of both distributors and ultimately the end user is at the heart of PelGar’s philosophy. PelGar’s Church Farm Training Centre is one of Europe’s leading practical training facilities, giving pest controllers and environmental health officers hands-on experience which can then be taken out to real life situations.

Church Farm is home to large pens of ‘wild’ black and brown rats and house mice. This offers an ideal opportunity to study behaviour and to interact with the real-life pests which will be encountered in the field. Church Farm also has a number of scenarios rooms for staging various pest infestations. These include domestic and commercial kitchens, hotel rooms, office space, retail units and warehousing amongst others. There are also facilities to practice and teach air rifle best practice and working in confined environments, as well as several areas where bespoke scenarios can be staged.

The insect laboratories at Church Farm allow for detailed studying of live insect pests with over 30 species under culture including: flies, mosquitoes, fleas, bed bugs, cockroaches and pests of stored products.

While Church Farm is a unique facility open for use to PelGar’s customers, each of our regional experts can deliver local training for our customers across the globe. For more information and to discuss your training and development requirements please contact us.