PelGar produces a range of advanced formula insecticides specifically designed for the UK market. Most of the products contain at least two active ingredients which combine long-lasting and fast-acting effects, or have different modes of action, for the control of even the most difficult pest population.

There is no such thing as a ‘universal’ insecticide which will perform perfectly against all pests, on all substrates and under all environmental conditions. By designing specific formulation types for different problem situations, PelGar is able to enhance the insecticidal activity of the active materials.

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Cimetrol, formulated as a suspo-emulsion (SE), was specifically designed for the effective control of bed-bugs and fleas, although the product carries a broad-spectrum label. Cimetrol has a deadly triple effect – containing the killing agent alpha-cypermethrin, the knock-down agent tetramethrin, and the insect growth regulator (IGR) pyriproxifen.

Stingray is formulated as a water dilutable micro-emulsion concentrate containing the active ingredients alpha-cypermethrin and tetramethrin, combined with the insect growth regulator (IGR) pyriproxyfen and the pyrethroid synergist piperonyl butoxide.

One of the ‘flag-ship’ products of the PelGar range, Cytrol Forte is a high strength wettable powder, containing the powerful synthetic pyrethroid cypermethrin. This has excellent insecticidal qualities and good ‘flushing’ and ‘knock-down’ effect.

Alphaban 10 SC is a high strength suspension concentrate that offers a single active material, the powerful killing agent alpha-cypermethrin.

Alphaban Super 5 ME is a ‘must use’ product anywhere that pyrethroid tolerance is suspected, as it contains high levels of the synergist piperonyl butoxide. This interferes with, and selectively blocks the insect’s enzyme defensive system, which can diminish the normal killing effects of pyrethroids.

Tyrant 50/50 SE combines the excellent insecticidal activity of alpha-cypermethrin, formulated as a suspension concentrate, with the fast acting tetramethrin combined in the liquid phase of the product.

Tyrant Super ME is a solvent-free, water dilutable, micro-emulsion concentrate which contains the killing and knock-down agents alpha-cypermethrin and tetramethrin and the pyrethroid synergist piperonyl butoxide.

Nylar offers unsurpassed flea control as it affects gravid females, larvae and eggs, and can also be used to tackle cockroach infestations.

Vulcan P RFU Fly Spray is a kerosene-based (odourless), ready-for-use (RFU) fly spray based on the killing agent permethrin and the knock down agent tetramethrin. The formulation is synergised with piperonyl butoxide and approved in the UK for application as a residual spray and as a ‘space’ treatment.

Victor Gel is a ready-for-use insecticidal gel bait for the control of cockroaches in a range of situations including domestic premises, public buildings, ships and small scale animal housing.

Agrikil is a professional grade, ready-for-use aerosol for the control of flying and crawling insects in public hygiene situations. Effective knock-down and kill, Agrikil also contains a synergist for added effect and has a citrus perfume to ensure a pleasant smell is left behind.

Formulated as a dust for use in voids or around electrical installations where liquid sprays may not be appropriate. For the general control of crawling or resting insects, it can be applied by hand or powered dusters, and offers excellent wasp control.

About Us

PelGar International was incorporated in 1995 to develop and supply innovative and novel rodenticide and insecticide products to the global public health pesticide market. PelGar believes that, while the active ingredients used in the industry are common, the target pests and the environment in which they live are very different. Providing cost effective control therefore means that the active substance needs to be available in a wide range of formulations and this is where PelGar’s expertise lies.

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