Understanding Resistance

Thursday, 11 August 2016 09:00
    Resistance as we know it is a largely misunderstood concept. So often it is used interchangeably in conversation with words such as tolerance and immunity. In reality all three words mean very specific and very different things.
    In a recent article published in International Pest Control July/August 2016, Alex Wade, Technical Manager, PelGar International explains that there are different types of resistance: behavioural; biochemical and genetic. He then outlines the effects of resistance on achieving rodent control when using rodenticides.

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    PelGar International was incorporated in 1995 to develop and supply innovative and novel rodenticide and insecticide products to the global public health pesticide market. PelGar believes that, while the active ingredients used in the industry are common, the target pests and the environment in which they live are very different. Providing cost effective control therefore means that the active substance needs to be available in a wide range of formulations and this is where PelGar’s expertise lies.

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