PelGar pioneers a new way to bait

Friday, 09 August 2013 13:42
    Rats and mice are habitual in their feeding habits, generally preferring one type of food to the exclusion of others. This can prove problematic with the initial placement of bait, especially with animals which are showing a strong neophobic response combined with habitual behaviour and a site which may have access to many different food types.  
    What bait will work best in this situation?  
    There is no universal bait which covers all situations and feeding preferences. Under normal circumstances you would make an educated guess, try to match the food type which appears to have the most rodent activity around it, to the most appropriate bait formulation.
    But if your educated guess is wrong, then you may lose several days waiting for any neophobia to subside and a further few days making absolutely sure that the rodents are genuinely not accepting the bait. This puts your pest management programme one to two weeks behind schedule and will mean that you have incurred the cost of two wasted site visits.
    Rodex OktablokII and Rodex Pasta Bait – dual baitingSo what is the answer?
    There are many methods to track the movement of rodents, but these can be time consuming and may lead you to false positives.  But there is a way to double your chances of success. PelGar has now successfully received notice from the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) that it can adopt a dual bait strategy, the first and only one of its type in the UK.
    Dual baiting is a concept where you can place two different bait formulations, which both contain the same active material, at the same bait point. This effectively doubles the choice presented to the rodent, increasing the likelihood of bait uptake and a successful ‘first strike’. Further visits can then be used more effectively to focus on the preferred bait, saving you time and money, while subsequently reducing the duration of baiting and environmental exposure.
    All Roban, Rodex, Vertox and Brigand rodenticides can now be used for dual baiting – switch your strategy now with PelGar rodenticides. Full details of PelGar’s UK approved products can be found on the new website along with sample labels, product pictures and MSDS.

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