NYLAR Approved for Bedbugs

Friday, 17 May 2013 12:03

    Nylar 4 EW from PelGar International, containing the powerful insect growth regulator (IGR) pyriproxyfen, has been approved for use on bedbugs. Up until recently Nylar 4 EW was only licenced for the control of fleas and cockroaches. The addition of bedbugs to the label is great news to anyone who has experienced problems in treating the growing number of resistant strains of bedbugs and needs to be able to add some extra potency to their pest control programme.

    Pyriproxyfen is a third generation IGR with a unique mode of action, functioning as an analogue of an insect juvenile hormone. Juvenile growth hormones control the development of many parts of the insect’s physiology during its lifecycle. Growth hormone analogues can interrupt the development of eggs, render pest populations infertile by either damaging the production and vigour of sperm, inhibit moulting or cause nymphal stages to moult into sexually sterile 'adults',

    Nylar 4 EW is an oil-in-water emulsion (EW) formulation that is particularly effective in treating populations that are showing resistance to conventional insecticidal treatments. EW’s offer excellent residual control on non-sorbtive surfaces such as vinyl surfaced wall-papers, most plywoods, plastics, laminates, metal and (ceramic) tiles. Nylar 4 EW has a very low odour and is non-flammable.

    In addition to Nylar 4 EW, PelGar produces Cimetrol and Stingray ME which include pyriproxyfen in combination with synthetic pyrethroids and other adjuvants. This combination introduces a different mode of action and allows for the control of a pest population by utilising two unique biological pathways.

    Nylar 4 EW can be tank-mixed with the following other commonly available insecticides:
    Cytrol Forte (PelGar International Ltd HSE 6424); Ficam W (Bayer Environmental Science HSE 5390) and K-Othrine SC10 (Bayer Environmental Science, HSE 5097).

    For more information on Nylar 4 EW, Cimetrol or Stingray please contact PelGar on 01420 80744, or visit www.pelgar.co.uk.

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