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Wednesday, 24 April 2013 15:47

    Rats and mice are an inevitable part of country life. This year’s weather conditions have been particularly favourable for rodents to breed so it is likely that your retail feed store could see some rodent activity in the coming months

    During the summer months rats especially will happily live outdoors in the fields and hedgerows where there is a plentiful supply of food. Come autumn time when the grains are harvested and the fruits and berries are depleted, rats and mice will begin migrating in search of a sustainable food source. This time of year coincides very well with horses and livestock being brought inside for the winter – which for the retailer means feed sales are about to take off.
    Many retailers find that their feed stores can offer ‘easy pickings’ and are plagued with rats and mice. With a plentiful supply of food available – and when given the choice – rats and mice will be picky and only take what they see as the best. However rats and mice should not be accepted as the norm, there are various steps that can be taken to keep them out and to facilitate a clear and simple control programme when problems do occur.
    TIDY UP – Apart from the obvious of keeping stores clean and tidy inside, clear up outside too as this is where rats will live and both rats and mice will enter the stores from. Clear away old pallets and stored goods leaning against the side of stores and cut back brambles and the like as this limits the number of protected areas and gives access when baiting is required.
    CLEAR UP SPILLED FEED – Bags of feed are often split and spillages are common. Taking a bit of time to clear up spillages and reseal spilt sacks will help limit the amount of available food and restrict infestations to specific areas.
    REPAIR THE FABRIC OF THE BUILDING – Old buildings present opportunities to rats and mice. Simple measures such as fixing holes, covering air-bricks and gaps with wire mesh and fitting metal strips to the bottom of gnawed wooden doors will help to keep rats and mice out. Even simple things such as keeping the doors to the feed store closed during the day will help to keep migrating rodents out.
    STORE ALL FEED ON PALLETS – Rats and mice thrive on accessible food sources – the harder it is for them to get to, the harder it is for them to find and then eat the food. Store all feed on pallets so it is raised off  the floor, double stacking pallets keeps it that much further off the ground. It is also important to leave a gap between the feed and the store walls. This not only allows for inspection and access for baiting but also restricts places where rats and mice will hide and store food.
    ACT QUICKLY – Keep an eye out for early signs of encroaching rodents. Apart from actual sightings look out for footprints in damp earth around the outside of your store, and look for any fresh burrows. Keep an eye out for chewed sacks, gnawed doorways and listen for scurrying and squeaks as rats and mice jostle for territory. Once an infestation has been identified place rodenticide baits, in protected locations, around the area of the infestation and keep bait topped up till no more is taken.
    To learn more about baiting, the rodenticides available and practical tips on control order a free copy of PelGar’s ‘Six Steps to Successful Rodent Control’ along with their detailed staff training guide. Call 01420 80744 or e-mail [email protected]

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