Contains: alpha-cypermethrin 4.65% w/w, tetramethrin 4.64% w/w, pyriproxifen 1.86% w/w.
Control: Bed-bugs, fleas, general crawling insects.
Application: Compression sprayer.

Cimetrol Super, formulated as a suspo-emulsion (SE), was specifically designed for the effective control of bed-bugs and fleas, although the product carries a broad-spectrum label. Cimetrol has a deadly triple effect – containing the killing agent alpha-cypermethrin, the knock-down agent tetramethrin, and the insect growth regulator (IGR) pyriproxifen.

Cimetrol is ideal for use in any situation. It has proven to be very effective even in the most serious infestations, where call-backs are costly and bad for the client’s reputation.

When used for the control of fleas, Cimetrol will kill the adult insects and the IGR will sterilise the eggs and prevent the development of larvae lying deep within the carpet fibre or hiding in cracks, ensuring excellent results.

Suspo-Emulsions (SE) – This formulation type combines the residuality of a suspension concentrate, with the speed of effect of ‘oil-in-water’ emulsions (EW’s). The main killing agent is present as a particulate which enhances its residuality, and the knock-down agent is included in the liquid phase where it provides a rapid speed of effect. An SE provides good residual control with fast flushing and knockdown of the target pest.

Pack Size: 500ml.

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Download the technical datasheet.