Contains: 0.11% w/w pyrethrins
Control: Resting flying and crawling insects, including stored product insects (SPI)
Application: Ready-for-use non-persistent insecticidal dusting powder

Agrothrin is a fine dusting powder, non-persistent insecticide for application with a motorised dust applicator or from the hand-held puffer pack. It is suitable for treatment in food handling and food storage premises and for public hygiene / nuisance insect control.

Agrothrin is synergised with piperonyl butoxide (PBO), increasing the efficacy and inhibiting insect’s natural resistance mechanism.

Pyrethrins are natural substance purified from chrysanthemum flowers. They cause rapid knockdown of insects followed shortly by death. The mode of action is by contact action the toxic effect is caused by the binding of pyrethrins to sodium channels which inhibits the insect’s nervous system. This mode of action leads to a broad-spectrum of insecticidal activity, and due to the non-persistence of the active ingredient in the environment, insect resistance is very rare.

Pack size: 100g puffer pack


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