From 1st May 2020 all products containing ≥1.0% tetramethrin will be classed as category 2 carcinogens and must carry the H351 statement ‘Suspected of causing cancer’. For PelGar this includes its leading insecticides Cimetrol Super EW and Alphaban Super. However, this classification only applies to these products in their concentrated form and appropriate PPE should be worn by PCO’s during handling, dilution and use.

When diluted for application, even at the higher use rate, the dilute product contains 0.1% tetramethrin or less; well below the new classification level.

New labels with the classification and health hazard warning will be available from the 1st April. PelGar will also produce secondary MSDS for the dilute product (at higher use rate) which can be left with clients.

If you have any questions or queries please contact PelGar’s Technical Team:  tel 01420 80744