Rodents are a global pest problem and the African country of Burkina Faso is certainly not exempt from rats and mice. PelGar International supplies both rodenticide blocks and pellets into the country which are distributed by Prophyma, the local subsidiary of Savana based in Bobo Dioulasso.

PelGar products sold in Burkina Faso via distributor Prophyma

“The main problem faced with rodent control here in Burkina Faso is that users are normally not aware of the anticoagulant technique,” explains Emmanuel Mahdavi, PelGar’s Sales and Marketing Manager for the Middle East and Africa. “Having been used to the zinc phosphide, they tend to think that if they do not find a rodent dead straight after the baiting then the product is not working. The local dealers and farmers need to be educated on how to use rodenticides safely and how an anticoagulant works.“

“To help in the education process we have been organising training workshops for local dealers to promote PelGar’s products and to explain how anticoagulants work. They can then visit small market village shows and agricultural fairs to promote the products and explain how to use them. Those attending the workshop will receive a diploma to put in their small shops indicating that they are competent to inform and advise on the products’ use,” explains Emmanuel.