PelGar International is delighted to announce the launch of its new brand identity at the PestEx trade show held at ExCel, London on the 20th and 21st March 2019. Bringing together three diverse branding styles, the new design consolidates the full range of rodenticide and insecticide products available from PelGar, following its acquisition of Agropharm, under one clean, clear and distinct family brand.

The new identity delivers a co-ordinated, consistent, yet flexible style, which can be applied across the product ranges and labelling requirements for PelGar brands around the world. It employs a strong use of colour to identify products in the distinct sectors of rodent control, insect control and plant protection. It builds on the existing palette used across the rodenticide products and retains the dark blue of the existing amateur use insecticides, introducing a new ‘sunset yellow’ for professional-only insecticides and saving the green for its flagship range of pyrethrum-based plant protection products.

Introducing the new branding, Marketing Manager Anna Wilson-Barnes said, “In a constantly evolving market it is essential that brands can be quickly identified, and products selected, so that pest controllers and consumers can be confident they have the correct solution for their needs. Bringing all of the PelGar products into one distinct brand identity will help our customers find our products quickly and easily. This new branding will also be expanded across all our marketing material and advertising in the near future.”

Alongside the soft roll out of the new identity is the launch of a new web experience for PelGar customers.  Once again, the company’s growing global reach means that customers and end-users need to be able to quickly find online the product information they need. Visitors to the main website will simply select the region they are from on a global map to be taken to a regional website where available products are catalogued, alongside labels and Safety Data Sheets.

As Gareth Capel-Williams, Managing Director of PelGar International comments, “PelGar has evolved as a British company which is now recognised as a key player in the global pest control market.   We are keen that this new identity reflects that evolution, retaining key elements of our existing corporate visual identity whilst consolidating areas which were rather diverse following the Agropharm acquisition. I am delighted with the new brand identity, which will roll out over the coming months, and feel that it will help to strengthen our position as a leading player in a highly competitive marketplace.“