PelGar International is delighted to announce that its new insecticide product Cimetrol Super is now available from stockists. Its predecessor Cimetrol had been long regarded as the product of choice for bed-bug and flea control, and the newly launched Cimetrol Super is the next generation of product for the control of insects and is better than ever.
With fast-flushing and knockdown action, rapid kill and reliable and long-lasting residual control on all surfaces, Cimetrol Super is an essential product for any pest control operators’ arsenal of products in the battle against insect pests.
Formulated as an oil-in-water emulsion incorporating a micro-capsule suspension the product offers rapid access to the active ingredient through the oil-in-water emulsion whilst providing long lasting residual control.
Cimetrol Super contains: 25%w/w cypermethrin, 10%w/w tetramethrin, 20%w/w piperonyl butoxide and 1%w/w pyriproxyfen. This advanced formulation has the multi-action properties of both of its predecessors, Cimetrol and Stingray. A Type I pyrethroid provides fast-flushing and knockdown, a Type II pyrethroid offers rapid kill of the insects, the metabolic synergist by-passes insect metabolic resistances and an Insect Growth Regulator (IGR) ensures that any stubborn populations never get to pass their resistant properties on to the next generation.
Cimetrol Super is ideal for the treatment of a multitude of insect pests and especially useful where bed-bugs and fleas are a problem. Available now in 500mls twin necked bottles for easy dispensing from PelGar distributors.