With the back-to-back battering of two storm fronts resulting in widespread flooding across the UK it is appropriate to speculate what effects this will have on British wildlife, both non-pest and pest alike.

Commenting on the likely impact of these recent storms, Alex Wade, Technical Manager, PelGar International suggests that, “Firstly, the flooding of meadows and flood plains will have a devastating impact on those species of British mammal which overwinter by hibernation or torpor. Secondly, species with young will have to abandon nest sites, commit infanticide or leave the young to the mercy of the elements.

“Finally, those animals who have the capacity to relocate will have been displaced, migrating away from flooded areas in search of food and shelter. In the short term we should therefore expect to see a sharp rise in instances of pest activity in and around areas of human habitation. It is also likely that many non-target rodent species will follow suit.”

Pest controllers need to be responsive over the next few weeks to abate the tide of commensal rodents before they escalate in numbers. They must also ensure that the right control measures are implemented according to the correct identification of the pest.