Contains: Alpha-cypermethrin 4.85% w/w, tetramethrin 4.78% w/w, pyriproxyfen 1.86% w/w, piperonyl butoxide 13.0% w/w.
Control: Red-mite, fleas, bed-bugs, litter beetle, general crawling insects.
Application: Compression sprayer.
Stingray is formulated as a water dilutable micro-emulsion concentrate containing the active ingredients alpha-cypermethrin and tetramethrin, combined with the insect growth regulator (IGR) pyriproxyfen and the pyrethroid synergist piperonyl butoxide.
The insecticide provides fast knock-down and is long acting, even in the most difficult situations. It is ideal where control with a single pyrethroid active substance has not given good results, or where long lasting residual control is required.
Red-Mites - Stingray is recommended for use against poultry red-mites, where a special regime of treatments will provide fast and dramatic long-term control.
Stingray is also highly effective against a broad spectrum of other public health pests, including crawling insects such as fleas, bed-bugs, cockroaches, earwigs, silverfish, spiders, beetles, ants, ticks, and lice, as well as ‘resting’ flying pests such as flies, mosquitoes, wasps and moths.
The ultimate insecticide, this product combines the benefits of using different classes of active materials and offers the best chance of control for all pests.
Micro-Emulsions (ME) - This type of formulation is manufactured by a process sometimes referred to as nano-technology. It carries the active ingredient as extremely small droplets, in a high surfactant liquid phase. Micro-emulsion concentrates have a slightly ‘soapy smell' and dilute in water to provide a clear, stable, ready-for-use liquid. The small droplets of active substance provide a very large number of point sources of contact that make it difficult for the target insect to avoid on a treated surface. The high loading of surfactants also facilitates the rapid penetration of the insect’s cuticle.
This formulation type provides excellent residual control on non-porous surfaces such as metal and ceramic tiles, but its persistence on sorbative surfaces such as unglazed tiles and some woods is reduced compared to suspension concentrates and wettable powders.
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