Lavakill Tablet

Diflubenzuron 2% w/w.
Larvakill is a novel formulation specifically formulated for the control of mosquito larvae both in their natural breeding sites and in potable water containers. The product is also effective for the control of fly larvae in animal houses. Typical application rates for mosquito larvae are 20-45 g ai/ha water surface, and for fly larvae, as a surface application in animal housing, 0.5-1.0 g ai/m2 surface.
The active ingredient, diflubenzuron, is a phenyl urea insect growth regulator effective as both a stomach and contact insecticide acting by inhibition of chitin synthesis and so interfering with the formation of the cuticle. Because of its mode of action it is of very low toxicity to mammals.
Larvakill can be applied to both clean and dirty water for the control of nuisance and vector mosquito species in urban, suburban and rural areas. The effects of treatment can usually been seen within 2 to 4 days following application.
Larvakill tablets bring a new innovative and cost effective solution to the control of mosquito larvae, especially in urban and suburban areas. Used in combination with PelGar¹s range of adulticide insecticides, Larvakill brings an overall and effective solution to treating mosquito problems.

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