Non-toxic baits

PelGar has developed two products for use in monitoring situations which contain no active ingredient. Long term baiting is rarely necessary, but is sometimes required if re-infestation occurs frequently. To replace long-term rodenticide use, monitoring baits can be used to detect new or continued infestations. These products are made to the same exacting standards as the active formulations, which means monitoring baits can be easily substituted with active baits without detection by the target pest.

Roban Gold is a ready-for-use monitoring bait formulated using high quality culinary grade wheat flour, blended with chopped wheat, other cereals and proteins which are bound together by edible waxes.

Roban Watchman is a ready-for-use paste bait formulated using a blend of high quality culinary grade wheat flour, chopped grain, soft lard and synthetic peanut flavouring to produce a high calorie, high energy feed. The use of synthetic peanut flavourings allows the product to be used in sensitive situations where products containing nuts would not be authorised for use.

About Us

PelGar International was incorporated in 1995 to develop and supply innovative and novel rodenticide and insecticide products to the global public health pesticide market. PelGar believes that, while the active ingredients used in the industry are common, the target pests and the environment in which they live are very different. Providing cost effective control therefore means that the active substance needs to be available in a wide range of formulations and this is where PelGar’s expertise lies.

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